Monday, August 20, 2012

Does Where You Are Tell Us Who You Are?

Make a list of the last ten places you visited over the past week. Give that list to JiWire and they can tell you if you’re a man, a woman, a parent and maybe even where you’re going to go next. Spooky, huh?
The concept: where you are tell us who you are. Look at this graphic:
There are a number of locations that men and women both visit on a regular basis, but how frequently varies between the sexes. In the number two slot we have auto repair vs beauty. Horribly sexist, but you can’t argue with the numbers, can you? Dentists, retail clothing stores, jewelry and childcare don’t even show up on the men’s side. Instead, they get hotels, home development, and travel. Hmm. . . I’m not liking the sound of that.
But even though it looks like women never have any fun, the numbers also show that women eat out 25% more often than men. When they do eat out, 60% of the time it’s at one of the same three places. We are such creatures of habit.
Here’s a fun one:
How interesting that both kinds of coffee drinkers like Subway and how funny is it that Peet’s drinkers visit Starbuck’s, too. I wonder if some of this is proximity based, as in, Subway picks franchise locations near coffee stores on purpose. Or there are more Peet’s in states that have Well’s Fargo Banks. Whatever the reason, it’s cool info.

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