Friday, August 3, 2012

Email Beats Search and Social for Cart and Conversion

Email, Search and Social Media — think of them as three sisters in the Marketing family.
Social Media is the young one. She’s always on trend. She’s popular and has lots of friends. She’s the one you turn to when you’re looking to have some fun.
Search is the middle sister. She’s not as flashy as her little sister, but she’s plenty popular and she’s reliable. Well, as long as you make it worth her while, then she’ll help you get the job done.
Email, she’s the older, wiser sister. She’s not as popular as her younger siblings, but she puts in a good days work and if you approach her right, she’ll surprise you.
Now, if you’re really good at what you do, you can romance all three sisters and benefit from the unique reach and point of view of each one. But if you find yourself spending too much time with only one, particularly the young one, you might find yourself out of pocket with little to show for it in return.
Behold this infographic from Monetate:
Look at that, our stalwart sister Email turns in the highest Add-to-Cart Rates and Average Conversion Rates. Sister Search comes in a close second and tops the charts for Average Page Views Per Session. Sweet sister Social Media doesn’t come close in any category.
To make the most of Miss Email, Monetate suggests you customize your messages. Segment your mailing list for best results and when mailing to a customer who hasn’t been around in awhile, send them a promo code to entice them over for a visit. They also remind us to make sure messaging is consistent from email to webpage.
Finally, take note of how your customers are reading your email messages. iPads have seen a 73% increase in email opens over the past four months. Mobile phones are up 34% and web-based email and desktop clients both show a decrease of around 10%. That means you should be testing your email blasts on a variety of devices to make sure they appear and function as they should.
The big holiday dance is coming up soon. Which of the three sisters are you going to spend time with? The trendy looker or the one who will help you get the job done?

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