Sunday, August 26, 2012

Facebook Provides New Mobile Advertising Capabilities

When Facebook took company shares public earlier this year, many felt that the lower-than-expected share costs—which dropped about 19% in the month after the initial public offering—were due, in part, to a lack of mobile advertising options. In an effort to turn public and marketer interest in their favor, Facebook has been testing new ad products including mobile and location-based targeting.

The first test of mobile advertising efforts produced a sponsored-story “Like” ad that appeared within users’ mobile news feeds. Early reports from SocialCode, a Facebook Ads API partner, showed that clickthrough rates were higher for mobile ads than standard Facebook ads. At first glance, an average clickthrough rate of .79% for mobile, compared to .327% for desktop-only news-feeds indicates that mobile is a much better way for advertisers to interact with Facebook.

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