Friday, August 31, 2012

Fight showrooming with omnichannel and digital signage.

Today's selling environment, whether it's in a big box retailer or a quick-service restaurant chain, increasingly calls for a consistent, omnichannel strategy that cuts across digital signage to mobile to online media and is consistent with the in-store experience, to engage with consumers.

According to a recent Wireless Ronin Technologies white paper, omnichannel retailing essentially means using a variety of communications technologies to maximize the customer experience — before it's too late:

International Data Corporation (IDC) defines an omnichannel retailing strategy as "enabling an organizational and technology framework for putting the customer at the center of a retail business strategy."
However, the growth of online/mobile information and commerce has many retail, auto and food brands finding challenges in maintaining a physical presence ... This strategy requires brands to embrace the various channels — both high-tech and no-tech — as part of the overall experience. The Harvard Business Review states that "...unless conventional merchants adopt an entirely new perspective — one that allows them to integrate disparate channels into a single seamless omnichannel experience — they are likely to be swept away."

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