Friday, August 31, 2012

IDC Finds “Showrooming” Trend Most Popular On Saturdays.

IDC and Onavo's joint report is based on Onavo Insights data, leading panel of iOS users, comprised of Onavo app users in the U.S. The uniqueness and scale of Onavo Insights data enable IDC and Onavo to draw valuable insights into real world usage of price comparison and retail branded apps. 

Key report findings include:
  • Comparison apps and retail apps may both aim at the mobile commerce space, but the two categories show dramatically different weekday usage patterns which reverse themselves on weekends.
  • Retail apps are used more than price comparison apps on weekdays, but that reverses on the weekends when price comparison apps soar in usage past retail apps.
  • The single biggest day of comparison app usage is Saturday, and the single biggest day of retail app usage is Sunday. This potentially implies that more mobile price checking and “showcasing” are done on Saturdays and more actual mobile purchases are being done on Sundays.
  • Counter to expectations, the second highest day of retail app usage is Monday. With Sunday as the number one day for retail app usage, it would have been expected that Saturday or Friday would be the number two day. This implies that Sunday retail app usage has a positive carry-over effect on Mondays.

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