Monday, August 6, 2012

Increasing conversions by understanding human psychology

First up a great big caveat emptor: in conversion rate optimisation there’s no such things at rules, there’s only findings. What may prove emphatically effective in one test, might be a waste of time in another similar situation.
Having said all that, there are a number of hardwired human traits and behavioral patterns understood by psychologists, behavioral economists and other social scientists that we can use to increase our conversions.
Here are few brands that understand some of these common behaviors and have reflected it within their web designs. Examples like this can give you some ideas of potential things to try and test on your users.

Social Proof

One of the most effective things you can bring to your site to increase the confidence of buyers is 'social proof'. Social proof is the phenomena where people tend to believe that the decision and actions of others reflect the correct behavior in a specific situation.
So, we have to create an experience which convinces our visitors they’re not the only person making this decision.


In this design we see a subtle mention of the sheer number of other people who have made the same purchasing decision that the visitor is considering. 


Poor old Groupon. It might have been getting a lot of stick recently but it, more than nearly every other major internet business, has a deep understanding of human behavior. Here it illustrates how they’ve built social proof into the very DNA of its business.
By showing how many other people have bought the same offer Groupon hopes to persuade the visitor to do the same, and place an order.

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