Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mobile Purchase Path Insights for Successful Mobile Ad Campaigns [Study]

Local relevance and timing are key in converting mobile browsers to buyers, though specific consumer needs and verticals influence the way mobile devices are used for purchases. A new study from xAd and Telmetrics with data provided by Nielsen investigates not only mobile consumer behavior, but preferences as well.
"Advertisers must understand consumer motivations and intent related to each specific vertical market they are searching within before deciding how and where to best engage them in mobile," said Monica Ho, xAd vice president of marketing.
With that objective in mind, here are four tips from the Mobile Path-to-Purchase study.

1. Understand How Purchase Timing Varies by Vertical

2. Mobile Searchers Strongly Prefer Local Content

3. Ads Searchers Actually Want to See: Offers, Promotions, Local Info 

4. Be Aware (or Beware) When Ad Targeting of How Searchers Use Tablets and Smartphones

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