Monday, August 20, 2012

Mobile Users: Consumers Are Buying, But Behavior Varies By Vertical

Mobile is hot and shows no sign of moving off marketers’ priority list. Not only is there an enormous, diverse mobile audience that includes tweens to great grandmas, but advertisers of all sizes are growing comfortable with mobile — because they are always on their own smartphones or tablets, as well. New research further validates mobile’s true purchasing power.
In June, we partnered with xAd, a leading mobile local ad network, to better understand specific mobile activities and behaviors across devices and within the Restaurant, Automotive and Travel vertical categories. The Ad-Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study included a Nielsen online survey of 1,500 smartphone and tablet users.
The results confirmed earlier supposition, leaving no room for doubt: mobile conversion is real, and local relevance and phone calls to businesses are important activities along the mobile consumer’s path to purchase.
Overall, the findings showed that tablet owners mostly use their devices at home (over 72 percent), while smartphone users mostly use their devices “on the go” (over 68 percent); however, the top on-the-go location across smartphone and tablet users is the car. And not behind the wheel – oftentimes the navigator is searching while a spouse or friend drives, or a driver may be searching in a parking lot before heading to the next destination.
In the Travel category, behaviors on both smartphones and tablets were more research-focused. However in the Restaurants and Auto categories, smartphones were used more for looking up locations near the user and finding contact information, while tablet activities centered on research like viewing menu items and customer reviews.
The takeaway for mobile marketers and publishers is that mobile advertising campaigns cannot take a “one size fits all” approach, and advertisers need to better understand consumers’ mobile motivations and intent before deciding how and where to best engage them.

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