Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Video Content For Ecommerce Sites = Improved Search Results + Increased Sales

Benefits Of Video Content On Ecommerce Sites

Here are just some of the benefits of employing video content on ecommerce sites:
  • Videos can help shoppers make buying decisions leading to increased sales.
  • Your own videos can help convey your added value such as your expertise, high level of service, etc.
  • Videos along with their accompanying text can help make website pages more unique; a common issue for ecommerce sites many of which use primarily the descriptions and images provided by manufacturers.
  • Videos are ideal content to promote in most social media venues.

Branding Or Testimonial Videos

Company overview or testimonial videos can convey messages that help make shoppers feel more comfortable buying from you.

Your Own Product Videos

Producing your own product videos can help increase sales in a few ways. They can help shoppers make buying decisions and help convey your expertise, helpfulness, etc., at the same time.
Plus, your own product videos can help make your product pages more unique and useful than the competition, improving the user experience and often improving search results.
You can demonstrate the product, highlight product details, show how to use it, how to assemble or install it, and you can show “what’s in the box”.

“How To” & Expert Advice Videos

You can create videos that provide expert advice on how to use the products you carry. Here’s a video from REI, the outfitter, on “How to Load a Backpack”
These types of video articles often do well in search engine results for the types of questions people ask such as “how to load a backpack”.
Searchers may find your video in the search results, click to view it, and learn more about what you have to offer.

Product Review Videos

You can create your own reviews of products. Showing what’s good and not so good can help convey your credibility and show your expertise.
You may have seen some of these types of videos in your own shopping. Recently, I watched some when I was shopping for a digital camera; for example, I searched on “Nikon d5000 review”. The video reviews I watched helped convinced me to buy it.

Product Videos From Your Manufacturers

Some manufacturers make product videos available to their resellers to use on their websites such as this Timbuk2 luggage video on eBags. This is a reasonable solution if you can’t make your own videos. They’ll likely help sell your products.
However, they aren’t going to help convey your added value as much as your own videos can. Plus, the videos provided by your manufacturers will also be used on other resellers’ websites so your site will not be as unique as with your own videos.


Check out how AaramShop's premium product page and premium brand page uses the video content to impact the consumers. Top FMCG/CPG brands like Marico's Saffola & Mother Dairy are using these services to reach out to its consumers.

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