Friday, August 3, 2012

Web and retail locations provide the most valuable information to consumers of any age.

Info Retail asked respondents to think about a recent shopping experience for a brand of their choice, in which they interacted with more than one media before making a purchasing decision. Respondents then rated how valuable the information was that they obtained from the same previous list of information sources.

The figure below shows trends in these total ratings (among all respondents) on a 5-point scale from “not valuable” to “valuable” for categories of information sources. There were not major differences between the two age groups, so this is representative.

Of all of the information sources listed, “web” and “store” had the most striking skews towards valuable information. This is in contrast to traditional media ads such as television commercials, though they represent a large number of total sources used, respondents by and large did not find the information obtained valuable. Additionally, information from social media shows a fairly flat trend, with some respondents finding it valuable and some not valuable.

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