Monday, September 24, 2012

Coke Tops Social Media Brands List

What do Coke, Apple and Google have in common? They are the top three social media brands for July, meaning they dominated social media conversations for that month, according to a new monthly report that tracks social media conversations related to the top 100 consumer brands, reports

A collaboration of media industry economic tracker and forecaster PQ Media and social media audience measurement firm uberVU, the social media report found that Coke was the number-one brand in impressions by a margin of two-to-one over the next-most-mentioned brand, Apple, during the month of July, the first for which data is being reported. Here are the other brands that made it on the list: 

Top 10 Social Media Brands
RankCategoryJuly 2012     
IMPs (000)
1. CokeBeverages1,479,716
2. AppleConsumer Tech761,162
3. GoogleConsumer Tech606,805
4. AmazonRetail555,513
5. SamsungConsumer Tech469,327
6. StarbucksRestaurants382,215
7. Burger KingRestaurants316,636
8. SpriteBeverages302,821
9. MicrosoftConsumer Tech284,681
10. McDonald’sRestaurants271,572
Note: Data based on full month period
Source: PQ Media, uberVU
The report also shows that the top few brands account for a disproportionate share of total brand mentions in social media. Coke, for example, accounted for nearly 14 percent of the 10.6 billion impressions generated by the top 100 brands.
The article points out that the new social media report doesn’t yet provide any context for things like seasonality, year-over-year trending, or how the social media brand impressions compare with things like “paid” or “owned” brand impressions generated by brands.
Despite that the U.S. accounts for nearly half of worldwide ad spending, it only generated 44 percent of the social media brand impressions in July, according to the report. And for leading brands like Coke and Apple, the social media effect is even more pronounced overseas. Coke generated 87 percent of its social media impressions, and Apple got 72 percent of its impressions, outside the United States.
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