Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Marketing campaign management needs Purposeful Collaboration

Marketing campaign management is more complex now than at any time, with many in-house and external professionals coming together to create, develop and deliver.
However, this combination of expertise is often missing the key ingredient of Purposeful Collaboration.
The key to resolving these issues is to synthesize the five types of collaboration: Planning, Project Management, Creative, Financial, Legal & Compliance:Planning Collaboration
This brings together marketing capabilities with resources to grow profits through infrastructure development, customer understanding and customer interactions.
  • Project Management Collaboration. This involves the facilitated coordination of tasks owned by internal and external resources for on-time, on-budget and on-strategy delivery.
  • Creative Collaboration. Outlined above - the fusion and management of creative elements and the processes involved in concept, design, review and decision.
  • Financial Collaboration. These are financial exchanges, approvals to commit resources and changes in budget that relate to a plan, programme, campaign or activity.
  • Legal & Compliance Collaboration. This is a growing challenge – the application of external regulatory requirements and internal policies to customer executions.
Brought together, these five types of collaboration form the pillars of Purposeful Collaboration and I believe that any campaign that embraces this philosophy will gain a significant marketing advantage with positive effects that ripple across the organisation.

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