Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mobile ads aren't that memorable

  • A new survey by Azullo has found that mobile ads are failing to make an impact on consumers. 
  • When asked, “In the last 6 months, do you recall having seen an advert of any kind whilst using the browser function or apps on your smartphone?” just 21% of the 1,014 smartphone users taking part said ‘yes’.
  • These respondents were then asked if they could recall what brands, products or services were being promoted in the adverts they had seen, to which the majority, 53%, said ‘no’.
  • Those who couldn’t recall what was being advertised on adverts they’d seen through their smartphone were asked to explain why they thought that was the case. While a third (34%) put it down to the adverts not being memorable, 39% said one or more of the adverts were ‘too distorted’ to be able to tell and 17% put it down to their own bad memory.

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