Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Indians surf the Web via mobiles than desktops

Since the last few months Indian telcos have been running numerous campaigns promoting their numerous inexpensive mobile Internet plans. So it is not surprising that India’s fast growing mobile Internet usage has actually surpassed the country’s use of the fixed-line Web. 

According to Internet measurement firm –StatCounter data, during August 2012, Web usage in India via mobile accounted for 51.63%, while from desktop devices made up the remaining 48.37%. 

One of the key reasons for the phenomenal growth of mobile Internet usage is the low overhead involved in owning a mobile than a computing device. A few years ago a national daily had reported about an Indian village that had mobile network coverage but no electricity, and mobile users had to travel for kilometres to a nearby town to recharge their phones. Sadly, this still holds true as the majority of the country still grapples under erratic electricity supply. Therefore, it’s not surprising that majority of the country’s population prefer accessing the Web via mobile phones.

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