Friday, September 7, 2012

Move from Social Media to Social CRM

While many organizations are using social media, very few are following best practices for social CRM. Here are five ways to move beyond social media to build a successful social CRM practice:
1. Think strategy. Social CRM allows organizations to connect with the social customer on the customer’s terms, with more relevant and contextual interactions across the customer’s preferred channels of communication. The strategy is based on customer engagement and interactions.
2. Get technology support. Technology platforms will either help or hinder organizations as they work toward adopting social CRM strategies.
3. Put on your customer hat.Rather than pushing out marketing messages to customers, the idea is for companies to listen and collaborate with customers.
4. Take action. Monitoring the social Web for brand mentions is the most elementary of social media activities.
5. Change your culture. Unless your company makes the cultural and operational shifts to become a truly social organization, you’ll have lots of new data but won’t see a lasting return on your investment.


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