Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Report: Mobile Now Driving 36 Percent Of All Email Opens

Reading email is one of the primary activities of smartphone owners. Indeed, several reports over the past year have indicated that more and more email interaction is happening on mobile devices. Adding to that narrative Knotice today released its latest Email Opens report covering the first half of 2012.
Since 2010 the company has documented the rise of mobile email, which obviously corresponds to increasing smartphone penetration in the US.
Source: Knotice (9/12)
The report benchmarks everything to PC open rates and related email marketing data. The PC still dominates most email interaction and sees 64 percent of opens overall. However, mobile (tablet + smartphones) sees the other 36 percent. That’s up from 27 percent at the end of last year.
If the current pace of mobile email growth continues nearly 45 percent of “on the go” consumers will be reading email on their smartphones or tablets by this time next year. Indeed, Knotice recommends that email marketers “begin planning for a point in time when mobile users will be the majority audience.”
Email Open Rates:
Source: Knotice (9/12)
For reasons that aren’t entirely clear or explained iOS devices dominate Android when it comes to open rates.
Source: Knotice (9/12)
Knotice says that iOS and Android, in the US, “account for 99.19 percent of all mobile email opens.” Financial services and consumer services (whatever that means precisely) were the two categories that saw the highest percentage of mobile opens.
Source: Knotice (9/12)


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