Saturday, September 22, 2012

The E-commerce Product Video That Increases Revenue Per Visit

Which video recipe will make your cash register ring more often and more loudly?

It was the end of a 12-hour video shoot. We had heard the same song over and over, about 200 times. Our model had just finished dancing in 24 outfits, having completing over 150 identically executed squats as part of her routine.

The rest of us were just tired from thinking about that.
From one day of shooting, we would generate 120 different product videos to be tested on an e-commerce website. It was fully expected that these videos would provide a boost for the major fitness apparel manufacturer’s online store.
As is so often the case, things didn’t turn out as expected.
Search traffic is expensive, whether organic or PPC. On a site that already employed Bazaarvoice ratings and reviews, numerous product photos and a favorable product page layout, we felt a product video was the missing piece, and that it would convert more of these expensive searchers to buyers .

Benefits Of Product Video

The primary visitor question we wanted to answer with video was, “How will these products look on me in a fitness class?” Video seemed to be the answer. For our personas, questions about sizing (“Does this run small?”) and quality were addressed in the ratings and reviews, and in Facebook comments.
Only video could answer questions about how the products look in motion.
Similar questions arise in industries such as eyewear, where generous return policies are required to overcome the objection, “How will it look on me?”
Product video has gotten a lot of good press in the conversion world these days. Zappos reported a conversion lift of between 6% and 30% when it added videos to its product pages. They were so impressed that they opened several studios and put 45 people to work creating videos for the thousands of products on the site.
Other sites reporting positive results from product videos are,, and

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