Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 influences shaping online shopping behavior.

To gain more insight into the shopping patterns of digital shoppers today, the BMC team sat down for an in-depth interview with a shopper who has shifted the majority of her purchasing online. 
Featured shopper: Debra is a mom with a full-time job outside the home. Her husband does the food shopping, and she does the rest of the household's routine purchasing.
By looking at the factors influencing her shopping, we can see more clearly what both online and brick and mortar retailers must do to better serve modern shoppers. This is less about keeping up with the competition, and more about understanding and responding to the shopper. 

It's important to note that online shopping gave her ways to address needs that would otherwise have continued to be "latent" and probably would have gone unnoticed, or at least under-appreciated.

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