Friday, October 5, 2012

32% of smartphone owners use mobile to research products every week

More than two-thirds (71%) of smartphone owners research products on their mobile, with 32% doing it on a weekly basis.
But the volume of research done on smartphones doesn’t necessarily translate over into mobile conversions.
When asked what they had done after researching products on their mobile, 38% of respondents said they completed a purchase in store compared to 25% that made a purchase on their smartphone.
In response to a different question, 41% of respondents said they use their mobile in-store at least half the time they are out shopping.

The findings, which come from a Tradedoubler survey of 2,000 smartphone owners, highlight the fact that high street retailers should be trying to engage with mobile users in-store to encourage them to make a purchase rather than viewing m-commerce as an entirely separate channel.
According to an OnDeviceResearch survey, 74% of respondents would be happy for a retailer to send a text or email with promotions while they’re using in-store Wi-Fi.
In this way, mobile can be used to enhance the in-store experience for consumers, as well as providing retailers with some precision tools to target the mobile customer.
The Tradedoubler white paper, Mobile Consumers & You, also asked smartphone owners what they use their phones for in-store.
It found that 42% of in-store researchers are looking for better prices elsewhere, 19% are searching for vouchers and 16% for location-based offers.
The report also found that mobile research crosses a number of retail categories.
Over 30% of mobile researcher have consulted their device when it comes to buying music, clothing and accessories, events and train tickets, holidays and hotels, and consumer electronics.
And more than 20% have used their mobile to investigate purchases of books, entertainment, flights, cosmetics and cars.


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