Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Are mobile checkouts simple enough to capture repeat shoppers?

While mobile commerce is growing, one area for improvement is the checkout process. Sometimes it's just too much hassle to pay by mobile. 
However, while other devices are better for browsing a range of products before making a considered purchase, a simple mobile checkout can be an effective method of capturing impulse and repeat shoppers.
71% of this group said that the main reason for the increase in spending is that the process is so simple and the technology is so easy to use,
To make the most of this opportunity m-commerce sites need to make the purchase journey as short as possible, and one way of doing this is by saving the customer’s credit card and delivery details so future purchase can be completed just by entering a username and password.

As mentioned, Amazon has a very quick payment system as it saves both your card details and delivery address.
This means there are very few clicks between selecting the product and confirming the transaction which is great for capturing repeat impulse buys.


Although Tesco does store card and shipping details there are still a number of screens to negotiate before you are able to complete the transaction which is likely to deter some impulse shoppers.
Also it doesn’t store the security code, so the customer needs to enter that information to confirm the payment.

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