Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Email Timing Is Critical for Marketing Success

One expression you hear a lot of is ‘timing is everything’. Like all cliches the reason you hear it a lot is because it is generally true.

The expression holds true with Internet marketing in general but, as a survey by StrongMail recently showed, it is is critical to email marketers in particular.

The study as reported by eMarketer gives insights as to what an ideal time is to send a follow up email, in this case in a transactional environment. The findings show

I would have to think that a simple rule in this instance is ‘the sooner the better’. In a world where people act as if they have ADHD even if they don’t by flitting from one thing to the next without really even digesting the last thing, a marketer needs to get to a person ASAP in order to make sure their message is freshly associated with whatever transaction (or non-transaction) they were just involved in.


The same holds true for promotional email as well. The chart below describes some of the benefits of good timing on promotional emails.

This type of data is not designed to surprise but rather it tends to support what is often considered the conventional wisdom when it comes to marketing. Doing a certain thing at a certain time can help pull out certain results. Not that difficult to understand but the trick is deciding what the exact right time is to do this and staying on top on any changes that occur over time.


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