Tuesday, October 2, 2012

M&S offers the best mobile and online customer experience: study

Marks & Spencer offers the best multichannel customer experience across three digital channels, according to a report published by eDigitalResearch.
The eChannel Benchmark evaluated 14 retail brands that have mobile optimised sites and apps as well as a desktop site to find out which offered the most consistent customer experience.
M&S came top with an average score of 86% across the three channels, followed by Amazon (85%), Topshop (84%) and House of Fraser (84%).
The report analyses several different criteria, including the homepage, on-site search, navigation, product pages, shopping basket and checkout.
Here we look in more detail at the search, product page and checkout sections...


Amazon was the top performing retailer for on-site search, thanks mainly to the fact that it offers predictive search terms across all three platforms.
Amazon also scored well for the relevancy of results, the number of filter options and the fact that misspellings are corrected.
Predictive search and spelling corrections are great tools to offer mobile users as it reduces the amount of form filling and frustration at having to re-enter search terms.
To make it even easier, Amazon also offers a barcode scanner in its mobile app so users don’t have to type in anything at all.
We recently blogged 13 best practice tips for on-site search, including the best place to position the search box and how it should be labelled.

Product pages

M&S was the top performing site for product pages thanks to consistently high scores across all three channels.
Respondents liked the fact that the mobile site and app offered large product images and that the colour/size/quantity form was simple to complete. Also, M&S uses a consistent product information and order process across both mobile channels.


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