Saturday, October 27, 2012

Multiscreen future for on-demand TV

The number of adults in Britain watching TV on-demand via TV sets and mobile devices is growing, while on-demand viewing via a desktop or laptop computer has peaked, according to data from Kantar Media’s future PROOF study.

While the overall percentage of adults watching television on demand has remained consistent across the year at 47%, there has been a shift in the devices used for this on demand viewing.

The number of adults in Britain viewing content on demand through a TV set has increased by 16% over the course of 2012. The number of adults viewing via tablets has doubled over the same period while mobile viewing has increased by 39%.

The most common screen for on demand TV viewing is the television (33% of adults have watched on demand through a TV set in the last month) followed by laptop/desktop computers (20%), tablets (5%) and mobile phones (5%).

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