Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shopping Engagement: Facebook Has the Reach but Pinterest Has the Passion

When it comes to online shopping neither Facebook nor Pinterest has had much success with conversions, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Bizrate Insights asked consumers to list the reasons they use either of the social sites, then they compared the results with this handy-dandy chart.

Users of both sites found them to be entertaining and a good place to connect with people who have similar interests. But after that, it’s all Pinterest. Look at the second set of bars. 70% of Pinterest users said the site inspires them to buy things. That’s huge.

Even more interesting, is the line that says 43% of Pinterest users the site to associate with brands they like. Compare that to only 24% on Facebook. This line goes hand in hand with the fourth bar which states that they use Pinterest to keep up on trends. I get that. Facebook is many things but trendy isn’t one of them. And the visual nature of Pinterest makes it much easier to hone in on fashion, home and food brands.
What I don’t get is the majority of people who say they follow brands on Pinterest to get special offers. I don’t use Pinterest that much, but I’ve only ever seen one offer on the site. That was a contest from Betty Crocker. I’ve never seen a discount or coupon. So, either 39% of users know where to look or they’re delusional.
The one area where Facebook beats Pinterest is in reach. Bizrate Insights says 63% of online consumers are on Facebook compared to only 15% on Pinterest. That’s a big difference, but Pinterest’s sphere of influence is growing rapidly.
At the core, Facebook and Pinterest users are fundamentally different. This chart shows how these stats translate into actions. (It’s a little hard to read, so click here for a bigger view)
What this shows is that Facebook fans are Participators. More of them have downloaded coupons or entered a contest. They’ve browsed brand sites and searched for a specific retailer on social media.
Pinterest fans are Creators. They’re more likely to share (repin) an item both on the site and from outside the site.
Which one do you want to reach? For brand awareness, Pinterest comes out on top but if you want fans to do something, reach out to them on Facebook. Or better yet, just keep up both.


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