Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Survey Says a Large Portion of Online Shopping is Done After Dark

According to a new study from Yesmail, 60% of consumers say they’d rather interact with brands on social media between 6 pm and 2 am. 40% say they do their online shopping after 6 pm.
Conversely, only 5% of email campaigns are set to hit between 6 and 10 pm and the majority of Facebook campaigns launch during the day.
Now, with email, there’s a chance that the consumer will hang on to it to read later, when they have time. But social media has a fast turnover. If you hit the top of a person’s feed at 2 in the afternoon, that post could be off the page by the time they visit the site in the evening.

In order to reach everyone on your list, emails and social media posts need to be staggered throughout the day and on weekends. With email, it’s good to test other times to see if there’s an increase in  your open rate. For social media, use tools like HootSuite to schedule posts to hit every couple of hours. Don’t over do it though, too many messages is one of the top reasons people unfollow a brand – so be careful.
Yesmail also found a pattern in regard to the days of the week. 80% of in-store shoppers spent their cash on the weekend. Nearly half of all online shoppers pressed the buy button on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

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