Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Future Of Advertising & Media

Future Media Trends

What trends will  form in the future? The following are a few predictions for the future, some of which also happen to be contradictions in their own right:
1. Virtually no one will personalize their advertising experience. Yet, as a consumer, everything that you do will be tracked, and your advertising experience will become highly targeted (and be heavily linked to data). 2. No one wants to see advertisements . Yet, it will become increasingly impossible to go through 60 seconds of any day without viewing some sort of advertisement (this may have happened already).

3. The world is increasingly global. Yet, advertising is increasingly local.

4. Consumers will help shape the future. How consumers utilize the various forms of technology available is what ultimately will affect the future of media. People seek immediate gratification and engagement, and need to trust that the brands they love and understand what they are looking for. Consumers are constantly connected to one another, to brands, etc., and are now in a place to help craft a brand’s story along with the brand or ad agency. Marketers must learn to adapt to this and take into account the voice of the target consumer.
The more advertising there is in the world, the less advertising consumers see — because senses are dulled by overexposure. The media business, as crowded as it may be, has always been data-driven, whether we’re talking about GRPs and CTRs, or psychographics and demographics. The ability to unbundle media from audiences has barely begun. New innovations in digital and advertising technology will continue to change the media landscape for both consumers and brands.


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