Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What makes the Indian shopper different and what retailers ought to do to keep them hooked

If that's the question, Indian consumers are overwhelmingly going with "to buy", as a recent survey from global branding and retail design consultancy Fitch reveals. David Blair, managing director, Fitch South Asia, weighs in on what makes the Indian shopper different and what retailers ought to do to keep them hooked
Retailers and product manufacturers need to be on their toes. The retail landscape in India is evolving quickly and shopper expectations are soaring. Consumers are no longer content with the ordinary or the predictable, they are now looking to draw emotional connections with a brand and to have more meaningful retail experiences.

A new study from Fitch* reveals that the Indian shopper has a particularly high desire for inspiration. Indeed, 69% of Indians want to be inspired when they shop, compared to only 49% of UK shoppers and 51% of Americans.

Local retailers will need to react to this call for creativity to ensure that the traditional bricks-and-mortar store remains relevant and engaging, especially with the advent of FDI.

The apparel sector in particular must pay heed to the dramatic surge in customer expectations. India's plea for inspiration is loudest among these shoppers with 84% of Indian women aged 16-24 expressing a wish to be inspired when shopping for fashion.

So what can a clothing store do to meet these burgeoning desires? Selfridges in London offers a creative masterclass in multi-brand retailing.

The British department store pulls out all the stops to ensure its shoppers remain engaged, from theatrical window displays to interactive shop-in-shops, from beauty workshops to virtual fitting-rooms, from mid-floor massage parlours to in-store cooking demonstrations.


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