Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some Cross Channel Marketing Troubles Attributed to Staffing

Cross channel marketing is one of those subjects that is SO easy to throw around in a conversation about marketing but when you get down to the actual execution of the different facets of it things get a little less easy.

A recent study from ExactTarget and Forrester called “The Keys to Successful Cross Channel Marketing” gives us a look into the struggles that marketers encounter in trying to truly execute and measure the success of cross channel marketing efforts.

The study looked at marketers in companies of $100 million plus in revenue and it found that 78% of those surveyed feel cross channel efforts are important or very important to their business. Other major findings include
  • 76 percent of marketers are interested in an integrated messaging platform to manage all customer data and execute across all digital direct channels.
  • 51 percent believe their current marketing technologies fall short due to lack of analytics that provide cross-channel data to improve program performance or predict outcomes.
  • 44 percent power cross-channel campaigns through individual teams focused on individual marketing channels, such as email, mobile, social media and the Web.
These are all very heady concerns and big hurdles to success for sure but one that caught my eye was the area about staffing. Why? Well, of all the problems listed above, if you are not staffed properly the likelihood of those concerns being addressed effectively go WAY down. Here are the results from the question of staffing as it relates to cross channel marketing efforts.

Not having enough staff is a common / universal problem that has been used by marketers and every other business person since the dawn of business. No surprise there. It’s the second area that is the most troubling because it is a much more unique to a ‘new world’ marketing problem and one that has many facets. Lack of in-house technical expertise.


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