Friday, November 2, 2012

Dominos and Starbucks Turn Customer Behavior into Customer Service

Domino’s and Starbucks are turning customer behavior into customer service with new initiatives that add value to their current service.

In the UK, Domino’s is offering a new twist on dinner and a movie. When you order a pizza, you’ll also get a code to stream a movie from Lionsgate while you eat. That means you can ease your hunger while watching Hunger Games or spend Halloween night with the classic horror movie Scream.

It’s a brilliant combination that plays into something their customers were already doing, eating in front of the TV. Now, they get to link their name to one of the biggest movies of the past year and dozens of classics.

And then there’s Starbucks. Visit any location and you’ll see a room full of people drinking coffee while the surf the web on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Really, this trendy coffee shop has more tech than my local Best Buy and it’s become one of the keys to their success.

Only trouble with mobile devices is that they run out of batteries and that means it’s time to leave the location and head for home — unless you’re in Boston. Starbucks is using 17 locations in that city to test a wireless charging mat built right into the table. You’re going to lay your phone down while you drink your coffee anyway, so why not charge the battery at the same time?

Adding Duracell Powermats to every table in the chain will cost the company Venti bucks and since they aren’t charging customers to use the service, it’s not a revenue stream. So why do it? Because Starbucks knows that the longer you sit in their store, the more likely you’ll be to buy another coffee or a muffin or lunch.

Starbucks’ tech-friendly attitude is one of the things that sets the chain apart not only from other coffee shops but from any fast food location. They’ve created a place where a small business owner can have a casual meeting with a client and still look respectable. Imagine asking a client to meet you at McDonalds. But asking someone to have a coffee at Starbucks while you go over a presentation on your iPad – totally acceptable.

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