Tuesday, November 27, 2012

IAB study reveals 80% of smartphone owners shop on their device

16% of consumers are estimated to shop on their mobiles this year, up from 13% in 2011. As mobile becomes even more of a keystone in holiday campaigns and shopping, it's import to understand how consumers are using their devices.

The IAB in partnership with Prosper Mobile Insights released its second annual Mobile Shoppers study to show where mobile shopping hotspots are around the US as well as how consumers are influenced by apps and digital coupons.

In the handy infographic,  it shows the top three cities for mobile shopping are Houston, Seattle and San Francisco. other interesting facts include:
  • In 2012, 68% of Americans owned a smartphone/ tablet (up from 57% percent in 2011)
  • More than 80% of smartphone owners accessed retailer websites or apps on their device
  • Not surprisingly, smartphone shoppers tend to be younger than those who shop on their desktops and are evenly split between males and females
  • Over half of smartphone owners, and nearly 30 percent of tablet owners, have used their devices in a store in the past three months
  • Even though penetration rate of QR code usage by consumers is quite low, nearly half of US consumers have QR readers on their devices.
These are some great numbers to bring to the table for 2013 for those companies still lagging behind on their mobile strategy.

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