Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mobile Keeps Showing Upward Mobility

Let’s all agree on one thing. We live in an increasingly mobile world.
It’s the rate of the increase that can be astonishing and it seems to sometimes catch even the best marketers by surprise.

The latest data from eMarketer again outlines just how rapidly this change is happening and the result is pretty simple. If you want to reach people (and in fact it is likely to be a certain kind of person) then you need to be optimized for the mobile environment. Here is a breakdown of the growth of various online vehicles.

These growth numbers for mobile remind me of the growth numbers from the heyday of search. In other words, the train is about to leave the station so if you are not on yet, now is the time because it will have left for good.

Does this mean that the rest of the web is dead? Of course not. Look at these findings from a study performed by Chitika earlier this year. I shows that about 28% of web traffic is mobile. Big number for sure but still not a majority.

The bottom line here is this. As marketers you can no longer give yourself the ‘luxury’ of deciding whether mobile will get some of your budget or a larger portion of your attention. Now it has to be if you are doing your job well.


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