Friday, November 16, 2012

Seven ways to keep the mobile search experience fresh

Every time a new smartphone hits the market (like every other month) consumers are given more ways to integrate these devices into daily activities, like shopping for and researching products, socialising, and other fun distractions. 
And with each upgraded device that comes out, the design geniuses at Apple, Microsoft, and others have added cool new features and enhanced graphics to improve usability.
With the never-ending array of changes, updates and improvements, e-commerce marketers are under great pressure to make sure their mobile websites not only overcome the challenges of browsing on small devices but that they also take advantage of all the capabilities available.

Site search is typically the key way mobile users look for products and content, and because site search users typically convert at a higher rate, it’s important to constantly update and enhance mobile site search to maximize performance. 


Here are some insights into how to make mobile sites more search-friendly,

Put the spotlight on the search box

Auto complete saves time

Make refinements expandable

Take a cue from Facebook

Localise site search results

Point QR codes to search results

Use keyword-specific banners to drive more interest


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