Monday, November 12, 2012

Why the FMCG sector has become the joint biggest online ad spender

According to figures from the IAB and PwC's online ad expenditure study, FMCG spend has doubled in the last three years, reflecting changing attitudes to digital display as a branding tool in its own right. So why this change of heart? Insight from Kantar Media's TGI Clickstream survey can help explain.

TGI Clickstream reveals that three-fifths of those who source information about their grocery shopping online and agree that the internet allows them to better understand the advantages of a brand are women. They are 70% more likely than other UK adults to be a full time housewife and 40% more likely to have children under 15 years old. Their mean family income is 11% higher than the national average and nearly three-quarters of them are the household's main shopper - all in all a key group to target for many FMCG brands.


This internet-savvy group are a quarter more likely to agree that product reviews online influence their purchase decisions than the average internet user. They are also 30% more likely to post reviews about household products making them a particularly significant group to track, influence and exploit from a word-of-mouth perspective.

Those who research their grocery shop online also use the internet to look for a bargain. TGI Clickstream insight shows that they are two-thirds more likely to visit coupon search sites than the average internet user.


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