Thursday, December 27, 2012

eBay Now Holiday Express App Does Everything Except Open the Gift For You

ebay now
eBay, a company not traditionally known for its personalized customer service, is turning that thought around with their new shopping app eBay Now.

If you live in San Francisco or New York City, you can use your phone to buy just about anything and have it in your hands within an hour. Not wild enough? For the holidays, they’ll include a roll of exclusive limited-edition gift wrap from designer Jonathan Adler.
Imagine this scenario, you’re at the office Christmas party and your co-worker unexpectedly hands you a lovely basket of coffee and treats. You didn’t buy her anything, but no problem – you excuse yourself, rush into a bathroom stall, whip our your phone, pick a similarly priced item from eBay now and before the party is over, you’ve reciprocated appropriately. Sheldon Cooper would be so proud.
eBay Now has two other features that truly define the meaning of customer service. First, they assign a personal shopper who calls you to confirm your order. The person’s picture even shows up on your phone so you know who to watch out for.
Next, they give you the ability to track the buyer as she moves around the city and a quick call button in case you need to give her further instructions. Kind of like watching Santa on NORAD.


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