Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Study Looks at How Mobile Fits Into Daily News Consumption

Recently, News Corp announced that they were pulling the plug on their subscription based, mobile only newspaper The Daily. It was a grand attempt to get readers to pay for quality content but it fell far short of expectations. Did News Corp do something wrong, or is it the concept as a whole that is at fault? 

Mojiva has some data that could help answer that question. They’re a mobile ad network site that reaches 1.1 billion mobile devices around the world. They just published a new report covering the US and the UK titled “The State of Mobile News Consumption“.  Talk about spot on!


Mobile Update

The study found that around a quarter of US respondents use mobile to keep up with the news. 30% of smartphone users said they learn about breaking news through text alerts and notifications on their mobile device.

In order to keep up with the day’s events, 70% of US tablet owners check at least two news sites or apps everyday. For smartphone owners it was only 61%. Either way, that’s a lot of people using mobile to read the news.

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