Monday, December 3, 2012

Tesco hoovers up over half of online grocery shopping

English: Tesco outlet in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

According to Kantar Media’s latest Online Shopper Intelligence Report, 20% of the UK internet population visit the leading grocery retailers’ websites each month, with an average of 1.3m consumers purchasing online.  

Key motives are the ability to shop at anytime (60%), having groceries delivered to the door (58%), and the avoidance of carrying home heavy items (55%).
Over half (57%) of the people purchasing groceries online do so at Tesco – a larger share of the market than the retailer sees at its bricks-and-mortar outlets.  Asda is second (33%), followed by 

Sainsbury (18%), Ocado (5%), Amazon grocery (4%), Waitrose (2%) and Marks & Spencer (1%).

Search is identified as the leading referral source to the top grocery retailers. A review of actual search terms identified that 69% of online grocery shoppers have clear intent to shop with specific retailers. 31% of searches are for fresh food items, 24% are now for recipes and 12% are for processed food.

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Roy Connelly said...

This is awesome fact! I think online grocers are so popular these days that people tend to choose this for convenience sake. This even works for me!