Monday, December 17, 2012

The slow death of the printed coupon and the rise of mobile coupons.

All right, so printed coupons aren’t exactly dead – at least not yet – but their usage has steadily declined in recent years. Couponing in general is doing pretty well, though. After a 14-year decline, coupon redemption in the United States increased in 2007 and in each year since. The main reasons: the flagging economy and the rising use of smartphones.

And while good old-fashioned ink-and-paper coupons clipped from the Sunday circulars still represent 53 percent of all coupons redeemed, mobile couponing could bring that number below 50 percent in the very near future (if it hasn’t already).

Of course, the slow death of the newspaper industry is also contributing to the demise of the printed coupon.

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