Thursday, January 24, 2013

Experts Predict 14 Billion Dollar Increase in Mobile Commerce in 2013

sephora to go
Mobile has been very, very good to beauty product retailer Sephora. Speaking at Mobile Marketer’s Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2013 conference, exec Johnna Marcus noted that the company saw a 167% increase in mobile orders last year, a 75% rise in mobile traffic and more than 50% of their email opens are now coming in from mobile devices.
Their goal is to develop mobile as a consumer’s personal shopper delivering reviews, keeping track of preferred brands and highlighting hot, new items on an on-going basis. They’re also highly invested in the concept of a mobile wallet that integrates with the Sephora gift card. And see that scan button in the upper corner of the app? That allows consumers to scan barcodes on in-store packages or items in their girlfriend’s purse in order to instantly see reviews and buying options. It’s a make-up lovers dream.
Sephora is just one of the many retailers seeing a significant rise in m-commerce. According to eMarketer, consumers will use their smartphones and tablets to buy $37.44 billion worth of retail goods in 2013. This is up from $23.72 billion in 2012.

When they’re not buying, they’ll be using their mobile devices to do research. More and more, consumers who used to turn to a PC for information are now turning to mobile. eMarketer says that in 2013,  there will be 118 million mobile shoppers in the US and in the next few years, 8 out of 10 digital shoppers will also be using mobile.
A lot of the increase will be due to tablet usage since tablets make couch shopping so inviting and easy.
Let’s wrap this up with some startling mobile numbers from eBay.
ebay mobile
1 our of every 3 includes mobile at some point! Mobile is not longer just a trend, it’s now a necessity for retailers of all kinds.

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