Sunday, January 13, 2013

Google Introduces Digital Couponing And Loyalty Solution “Zavers”

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Google has tried its hand over the years at couponing and loyalty marketing. It has done so using a number of different approaches: Google Coupons, Google Offers, Google Offer Ads, Google Wallet and the now-defunct Punchd.
Some of these programs have been directed toward small businesses and some more broadly to brands and national marketers. Now comes Zavers, a digital couponing and redemption solution for retailers and manufacturers.
Zavers is aimed at large brands and national retailers and intended to help them create and distribute coupons and incentives online and streamline redemption (and related accounting and analytics) on the back end. It’s ultimate aim is to replace paper.
The program was just announced but Google already has a number of partners in beta trials, mostly in the grocery segment.
Zavers works with Google Wallet but since few people are actually using Google Wallet consumers can also associate the digital coupons with their existing loyalty cards (or perhaps credit card) accounts.
NCH Marketing, which tracks grocery and CPG coupons, reported that nearly $500 billion in “coupon value” was distributed in 2011 in the US. Actual redemption value was much less, under 10 percent. Regardless there’s clearly an enormous amount of money circulating in this segment.
These coupons could ultimately be distributed in various ways, beyond simply the retailer sites (think AdWords, display ads, email) as well as both online and in mobile. The data and analytics generated and the ability to offer more narrowly tailored or segmented couponing to consumers would also be quite valuable.


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