Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How Created Video Content Increases Consumer Engagement

Ragu "Charlie Bit My Finger" ad
An eMarketer report shows a tremendous spike in web video viewership for CPG brands in Q3 2012. While overall video viewing is up, CPG brands exceeded other category viewership numbers.
Compared to retail and entertainment brands, CPG consumers viewed 44% more online video, making them 1.5 times more likely to view content than the average user, this according to video buying platform VideoHub. Completion rates for CPG and food pre-roll video was well over 70% in Q2.
While click rates dipped a bit below industry standards, it’s clear that eyeballs are tuned to CPG content. Of those who engaged with the ads, average time spent was also well above average.

So how is it possible that CPG and food brands are delivering such results? They’re creating better creative content designed to drive awareness vs. elicit a direct response.  Sure, clicks are important, but markets that treat pre-roll more like a movie trailer before the big feature are delivering higher engagement and completion rates than their retail counterparts.
Take Unilever’s Ragu for example. In Q1, they launched the Ragu Asks series of spots/web videos answering parent’s questions about mealtime with zany solutions for picky kids.
In Q3-4, the brand developed the “Long Day of Childhood” campaign. Targeted at parents, videos empathize with nostalgic childhood situations their kids surely experience. The latest in the series profiles the kids from the “Charlie Bit My Finger”video, viewed nearly half a billion times on YouTube. Ragu made them a part of the campaign and introduced a personal account from the YouTube stars. It’s also airing in broadcast.
The future of media is turning to content creation and CPG brands have the opportunity to capitalize on content creation as a key strategy for their brands.  Have you seen any brand content worthy of sharing?


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