Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How Gaming Can Advance Your Social Strategy

Photo voting game
Things are getting gamey. People are checking in, hashtags are being tracked and the kids are shouting, “pics or it didn’t happen.” As we become increasingly hungry to keep up on the social accomplishments of those around us, you don’t have to look too closely to see the competitive nature of it all.
Brands of all categories are starting to participating in this landscape of amplified gamification. In fact, the opportunity to pique our natural tendency to get to the top and pair it with our modern propensity to share has many a marketer musing on just how to get in the game.

One firm taking advantage of the trend is ALLDAYEVERYDAY, with its social gaming offering called PlayAPI. The social gaming platform is highly customizable and allows for multiple social inputs as well several ways to filter all the valuable data being generated. What stands out beyond the techy bells and whistles, though, is the people-pleasing gameplay that resides at its core.
Play API’s game formats allow for fans to engage through voting, uploading and earning credit. Specifically, its ladder game template creates a social tournament that places a brand’s products in a bracket of head-to-head competition. Using such tactics, CPG brands can give customers a chance to proudly celebrate their purchasing power in a way that makes them feel like active participants rather than latent ad targets.
With the implementation of these strategies, conversations continue and fans become players, leading to loyalty that grows beyond a page “like.” While the idea of gamification is certainly a buzzworthy and trendy topic, it seems to have staying power. What it really amounts to is an emerging set of solutions capitalizing on innate behaviors.


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