Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Impact of Mobile Gifting

tablet growth
One of the coolest things about modern technology is the speed with which things happen. And when things happen in large numbers, we can see a spike in activity right away and from there, make certain assumptions.
In this case, it’s Millennial Media making assumptions about mobile gifting this past December. The mobile advertising company saw a rise in ad impressions from December 23 to December 27 which leads us to believe that many people found a mobile device under the tree.
Smartphone average daily growth was 2% but tablets came in at 12%. You could take this to mean tablets are more popular than smartphones but Millennial has a better answer.

Smartphones require a service contract and a data plan, so they’re not ideal gifts. Tablets, on the other hand, can be used right out of the box. 
Android impressions topped iOS by nearly double with a huge spike coming in on the 26th and 27th. Amazon Kindle Fire impressions took a meteoric rise to the top. The iPad didn’t have the same kind of sudden rise, but they did top their growth over last year.

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