Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mcommerce Growth Projections Show Mobile Shopping Getting Stronger

US Retail Mcommerce Sales Projections
eMarketer has shared findings that give marketers insights into the increasingly critical world of Mcommerce (mobile commerce).
In case you missed it, the Year of Mobile came and went pretty quickly. Now we simply live in a mobile world. This is sea change kind of stuff not some specific moment in time as we like to define things at times. As a result, ecommerce is moving to mobile devices more and more and that trend is not likely to stop. Here are the growth projections fromeMarketer.
Personally I don’t like this kind of graphical representation because those who are simply glancing at the chart will see a perceived downward trend. Translated: People don’t pay attention like they should. All this chart shows is that at the start of any new long lasting trend the percentage of growth looks less impressive as adoption rates increase over the years. This is the same kind of trending that used to make people frown upon 40% growth reports from Google. Be careful.

One thing that is very important to note in all of this will be the role that tablets will play in Mcommerce.
No matter how hard marketers will try it is going to be hard to conduct real purchases on smartphones due to screen size. Fat fingering inputs and the inability to consistently type accurately for most people will hamper smartphone originated Mcommerce growth. Once there is a universally accepted voice recognition for the Mcommerce function this will change but right now that’s not the norm.
Here is just what percentage of this function each type of mobile device is predicted to have.
US Retail Mcommerce as Percentage of Ecommerce Sales
So where are you on the Mcommerce continuum? As a user, are you all in? As a marketer are you prepared? What does 2013 have in store for you on both fronts as we proceed into the brave new world of increasingly prevalent mobile purchases?


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