Monday, January 14, 2013

T-Commerce, a Two-Sided Phone, Flexible Tablets and Other Cool Stuff from CES

The Consumer Electronics Show is coming to an end and many weary reporters are heading home bolstered by the promise of quiet time and no lines for the bathroom. CES is six straight days of noise, lights, hype and pitchmen and more input than any one person can digest in that amount of time.
A lot of what was shown will never make it to market and some of it shouldn’t. Other ideas are cool but either too niche or too expensive to produce for a mass audience. But even if only 1 product makes it into our hands by next year, it doesn’t matter because CES is about inspiration and innovation. More than ever, first time entrepreneurs are showing up with ideas straight out of a SciFi film.

Check out this flexible tablet that is about the thickness of a few pages in a report cover.
YotaPhone is an Android powered phone that has a color HD display on one side and a black and white e-ink display on the other side. e-Ink uses less battery power and it’s perfect for reading long blocks of text. Both sides are covered with the new Gorilla Glass which is a tough material that resists scratching. (Which was my biggest concern with a two sided phone.)
For marketers, the coolest thing at CES is the new smart TV from Samsung. The internet connected TV has an interface that allows the viewer to buy what they see on TV as they watch. We’re not talking commercials. We’re talking about, hey I love that sweater Zooey Deschanel is wearing on New Girl.

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