Thursday, January 3, 2013

The future of mobile in 2013

As 2012 is officially over and we've now welcomed in another year, we reached out to a few industry professionals to see what their thoughts are for the year ahead. As we had so many great responses, we have made a series of posts that will come out over the month of January.
To start everything off, we're looking at the future of mobile and what companies need to have have in their strategic approaches in 2013.
CEO, Paul Miller, UBM Tech
B2B media companies need to utilize and leverage the trust they have built with their communities to engage with the audience on a completely different level in the mobile arena in 2013. Basically, repeating a version of industry news on the mobile space is not going to work – we need to understand the workflow and buying process deeply and build new solutions for mobile workflow enhancement. These new products will engage the audience in their workflow and will consist of education, product search and directories, mobile enhancement of the live event experience (networking, management of time via schedule builders etc.) and, potentially, e-commerce.
Shiraz Datta, Lead - Marketing CRM and Business Intelligence at Nokia
Tablets and Mobile or Mobile PC are taking over the world and is expected to grow from 347M units in 2012 to over 809M units by 2017. Equally, this is quickly becoming the first mode of reference for consumer across the globe. One of the fundamental enablers for this massive growth is the Mobile/Tablet ability to marry information to your location. Further this is fueled by the consumers in the emerging market where, mobile and potential tablet (expected growth due to low cost tablets available in local markets) is the first piece of “personal” technology that an individual owns, and is enabling more connected devices to internet.
As we see more consumer looking for information on their mobile, business across the globe are gearing up to ensure their presence on this new mode of consumer reference. For those who are still in process of evaluating their jump; 2013 may prove to be a year that forces them to enter into the space, especially in emerging markets. Hence, it’s proving to be an interesting space as consumers evolution is happening at all possible points of the spectrum.

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