Saturday, January 5, 2013

Will social TV and the second screen move beyond advertising in 2013?

Though the definition of social TV does expand beyond second screening to the advancement of technology in our TVs themselves and the interaction with programming, it still often relates to how consumers use their tablets and mobiles while watching traditional TV programming.
With the rise of video in 2013, it is only natural that we will continue to look at our relationship and interaction with all of our devices. As the use of mobile while watching TV is steadily increasing, 2013 may bring more overlapping content that moves beyond advertising.
But what do other industry professionals expect from Social TV in 2013? Will it be limited to advertisers or will content creators create more interactive experiences in this space?

Nick Adams, Head of digital development at Mindshare
Three things are coming together to create a perfect storm for social TV in 2013. 
  • Penetration of tablets will increase dramatically thanks to cheaper 7” versions
  • TV producers are developing programming where complementary second screen experiences are baked in to the overall concept
  • Viewers are increasingly voicing their opinions about programming on social networks
Expect to see broadcasters offering more opportunities for viewers to interact with and influence live programming via the second screen, and expect to see more collaboration between Twitter and broadcasters.  Media planners will start to cherry-pick TV spots for their social impact as much as for their reach.
Sean O’Neal, Global CMO, The Daily Mail Online
Although television studios have attempted to develop compelling second-screen experiences,  it is the online entertainment news publishers who perhaps have the greatest potential to capitalize on this opportunity.  
TV studios are good at producing content for TV.  Independent online publishers, however, can tap into deep editorial teams who develop content that compliments the television programming on a second screen in a unique way - in real-time, on the fly.


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