Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Coca-Cola reveals lessons learned from its London Olympics marketing

What did Coke learn?

1. The importance of relevant content

Coke provided teens with five different ways to create and submit to the Global Beat to ensure an inclusive digital program that was technology agnostic.

2. Lay good foundations

Amador said the campaign proved to have an excellent impact on SEO. It ensured that traffic from search increased by 2,900% between May and June, representing 15% of total traffic.

3. Social listening and real-time content adaption

Beat TV showed the value of adapting content based on real-time feedback to help them maximise the role of paid and social media in the campaigns performance. 
According to Amador, the final shows in the series were unrecognisable from the first ones, as they had changed so much in response to viewer comments.

4. Use the right platform for the market/use case

Coke set up a global SMS platform for its marketers to engage more directly with teens. It achieved a 44% response rate and 250,000 registered users, so there are plans to develop and invest in this channel for future campaigns.

5. Ambition

Based on the success of the campaign, Coke intends to be ever more ambitious and evolving based on digital trends


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