Friday, February 22, 2013

Does your print ad have a “call to action”?

FMCG print advertisements have undergone minimal changes over the decades. They are primarily focused on creating brand awareness, with the expectation that the consumers will remember the brand and seek it out when they visit the store.

The print adverts’ do carry limited “calls-to-action” like a website address or a link to the social media presence of the brand, however, these stop short of enabling a consumer to buy your product and are passive.

With over 40 million smart phone users in India (and very fast growth rate), the “call-to-action” should take this into account.

And that’s where QR codes come in. Further QR codes leading into a transaction-oriented environment, like AaramShop, enables consumers to either instantly orders the product, use offers or tag it for future purchase.

Quick Response codes, or QR codes for short, are markings which brands can use on print ads & product co-lateral. A consumer can use their smartphone to scan the code, which will send them to the website for more information or a special offer.

Conversions happen faster since consumers can move farther into the buying process in as little time as it takes to snap a photo. The QR code offers an instant way for people to take action.

When you are ready to start using QR codes in your print campaigns, please do let us know and we will create customized QR codes for you.  

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