Monday, February 4, 2013

Google Shopping ads see increase in clicks and impressions during 2012

New research from Marin Software suggests that advertisers who have launched Product Listing Adcampaigns in the US have achieved a great deal of success.

More than 100,000 retailers had inventory in Google Shopping by the end of September 2012 and reaped the rewards during the holiday season.

The click share for PLAs increased in the US from 2.1% in January 2012 to 6.6% in December 2012, indicating that shoppers are finding the ads increasingly relevant to their search queries.

Furthermore, one month ahead of the transition from free to paid the share of impressions of PLAs compared to standard PPC text ads was 4% to 96% respectively, but by the end of December this had increased to 6.1% of impressions.

On top of the increase in click share and impressions, PLAs ended 2012 with a higher click-through rate (CTR) and lower average cost than text ads. 

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