Thursday, February 14, 2013

Survey Shows Marketer’s Plan to Increase YouTube and Pinterest Presence

A little over half of the businesses in a recent survey said they were using YouTube to market their brand. But of all the social media options, it’s the one they predicted to have the most growth in the coming year.
nectarom-usage increase
Nectar Online Media and the Social Media Clubs surveyed 400 social media decision makers to find out what’s hot and what will be hotter in the coming years.

As you can see from the chart, Facebook was the all around favorite with 93% of respondents saying they currently maintain a branded page. 38% said they buy Facebook ads, what’s even more interesting is that the same percentage use promoted posts. That’s a pretty big number for a marketing concept that a lot of people shot down when it was unveiled.
Moving into next year, a little more than half thought they’d increase their usage, writing this year off as a “learning” year. But a few said that they felt hampered by Facebook’s increasing restrictions on businesses. The survey doesn’t go into detail, but I assume this is a reference to the way posts don’t always show up in follower feeds and forced changes to the page formats.
81% of respondents currently use Twitter, which is a pretty hefty number. But here’s a weird one, 87% Tweet but only 76% have a branded Twitter account. So the ones without a branded account are Tweeting under their own names, maybe? Or hiring others to Tweet on their personal accounts. . . .?  61% thought they’d be Tweeting more often in the coming year.
LinkedIn is on the move with 69% of the companies having branded pages. The majority (76%) said they use the site for networking and B2B brands planned on ramping up their usage in order to generate leads.
YouTube is an interesting animal. 57% of those surveyed said they use the video site for business. 79% of those companies have their own, branded YouTube channel. What’s interesting, is that YouTube is one of only two social networks where the predicted increase is more than the current usage. So, people who aren’t using the channel now, are planning to get on board in the next few months. Am I interpreting that right? The reason for the increase is basic logic. The marketers said that since their customers are watching more video on a daily basis, they’re going to provide more videos for them to watch. Doesn’t get simpler than that.
Pinterest didn’t make the chart because only 36% of those surveyed said they were using the photo-heavy social site. However, 60% said they’d be increasing their usage. This is a smart move, because Pinterest has been going out of their way to make the site more business friendly and it’s likely they’ll continue in that direction.
The report from Nectar Online is called “Social Media is Free!” but they acknowledge right off that bat that this isn’t totally true. It should read “Social Media is Cheap” since companies say they spent less than 20% of their budget on social media campaigns.
If you could increase your presence on only one social media network this year, where would you put your efforts? Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? Or some place new?


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